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Music Business


full set up

If you are a new artist or have never set yourself up properly on the business side, this service is for you. If you are in the Memphis, TN area we can set up an in person meeting. If you are outside of this area we can set up a Zoom appointment. 


Artist Set Up Includes: 


-Signing you up for a PRO (ASCAP or BMI) as a Songwriter

-Setting you up with a Publishing Administrator

-Signing you up for Soundexchange

-Setting you up with Distribution (as needed) 

-Setting up an Artist/ Producer YouTube Channel

-Setting up an Artist/ Producer Soundcloud & Audiomack

-Setting up an Artist/ Producer booking email

-Setting up Artist/ Producer Social Media as needed

-Setting up an Artist/ Producer Music Catalog Spreadsheet

-Customized Split Sheets

-Customized Booking Contracts

-Customized feature agreements

*For Producers: Custom lease & exclusive agreements

-Quick overview of accounts

music uploads

Maybe you're new to this or you just don't have the time to upload & register your music. We can handle that for you! We can drop singles, albums, and even entire catalogs. Prices vary based on the amount of music we are uploading. Here's what our music upload packages include: 

-Upload music to your distributor

-Register music with your PRO (BMI/ ASCAP) 

-Register music with your Publishing company & or Publishing Administor 

-Register your music with Soundexchange

-Register your UPC with Soundscan 

-Copyright with if applicable 

-Encode your MP3/ WAV files

-Register music with BDS & Mediabase 

-One page EPK to send music out to DJs/ Radio

-IG, Reel, Story promo clip for release 

If you need suggestions for mixing, mastering, or artwork we can help guide you to the right professionals. If interested in this service please click the contact button to the left & let let us know you are interested in our Music Upload Service. 

Marketing Consultation
with Big Unk & Strange

This is a meeting with Brian Smith (@1_Big_Unk) & Angie Strange (@Strangelady1). Brian & Angie will look into your personal career and help you come up with an immediate plan over your next release/ moves. They will type up a marketing plan for you based upon what was talked about at the consultation. They can point you in the right direction & with the connections in hip hop to level up. 

With Strange

Angie Strange offers a 1 hour consultation for those looking for advice to further their career. Some use this time to ask questions, have Angie work with them on on walking through registering music, or discuss fixing issues they may be facing with their labels, music, managers, or other artists. 

Music Cataloging
& Label Services

We prefer to teach you how to properly register your music through our Music Business 101 Class, but if time permits or you prefer us to handle your registrations we can do it for you. We will make sure all the necessary accounts are set up and your music is submitted so that you are able to collect your performance, mechanical, & digital royalties. We also offer monthly upkeep for Record Labels who need help keeping all their paperwork & catalogs in order for their artists. If interested in this service please click the contact button to the left & let let us know you are interested in our Music Cataloging Service. *Prices vary depending on size of Music Catalog. 

DJ Service pack

Our DJ Service Packs gives you the proper tools and presentation to promote your single. DJ Service Packs from promo companies do a great job at sending out your single to DJ's, but don't actually register or encode the proper metadata into your music. We encourage you to still use those sites, but come to us first to make sure your single is properly registered with Mediabase, BDS, & Soundscan. We encode your MP3s with all the metadata your record needs to be able to be tracked. Our DJ Service Pack also includes a professional email that works like as a  landing page that you can send out to promote yourself properly. The landing page is an EPK for your single, with your cover, a brief bio, your visual, links to download your encoded MP3's, & links to all your social media pages. 

*If you need a referral for mixing, mastering. 0r radio edits we can help point you in the right direction. 

Youtube makeover

The biggest platform for music is YouTube, so it's crucial that your page is set up properly from the settings to the layout for your page to be able to grow and compete. Our YouTube Makeover includes artwork for your banner, links to your social media & website in your banner, a proper description, contact information, & setting up your homepage to show everything on YouTube that is about your brand (no matter the page the content is on). Our goal is that your page becomes the one stop hub for potential fans to learn about you on YouTube! We set up your Google Adsense account and make sure your latest video has proper description, title, & SEO. We have set up and made hundreds of accounts with a good track record of growth directly linked to the Makeover. 

Label set up

Independent Label CEO's often get overwhelmed & lost on the

business-side. We can help Labels through the process of setting up their business & signing their artists. We start with a Music Business 101 Class to make sure they understand all the ways they can make money from their label. From their we start filling in the blanks & walking them through the process of becoming a legit Label! If interested in this service please click the contact button to the left & let let us know you are interested in our Table Set Up Service.  *Prices vary depending on size & needs of the label. 

Music Is A Business Monthly Workshop 

Music Is A Business Workshops is a hands-on monthly workshop designed to focus on one topic to discuss in depth. This is designed for those desiring to continue their knowledge in the Music business or who've previously gone through our Music Business 101 Class. 

Music business 101 class

Our Music Business 101 Class is the reason most hear about us. Our class is an intensive overview of how the business-side of the Music Industry works for Artists, Producers, Managers, & Labels. It consists of 2 sessions. Each session is 2 hours long & a one-on-one follow up will be scheduled by the student after they complete Music Business 101. During the follow up Angie will register a few songs with you so that students not only know where they need to register, but how to actually work the necessary sites. She will also take some time to talk through your next steps for moving forward in your career. The goal of the Class is to help you organize your career so you can start to proceed forward in a way that makes sense & catches the revenue you are making off of your music. 

Session 1: What Are Our Rights & What Do We Need In Writing?

-Basic business structures

-Conversations we need to have in writing with those we work with

-Song Structure & how we decide/negotiate percentages

-Spit Sheets


Session 2 Part 1: What Am I Owed & How Do I know I am Collecting It?

-Royalty system

-The Royalties you are making & how to collect

-PRO's (Performing Rights Organizations) 

-Publishing and your different options




Session 2 /Part 2: How Do I Prepare My Music For Radio & DJ's? 

-How to encode your music

-How is my music tracked & traced so my royalties are paid

-How do I show up on spin reports 

Things You Need: 

-Sessions are on Zoom (Video Chat App) (In persons are available if date & location are possible.

-You'll need access to decent internet, a computer or smart phone.

-You'll need a quite place to login & focus with us 

-Classes are one-on-one with Angie Strange

-You will receive our curriculum via email but we encourage you to also take your own notes

-Classes are Tuesdays through Fridays 10am to 2pm or 4pm to 6pm are suggested times to schedule

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