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I’m simple so I keep things simple. Every week I think through these 3 questions for my crew. Think through the questions below, write down your answers, & do it.

Every week:

-What are the daily moves?

-What are the weekly moves?

-What’s the power move?

Daily moves are the daily tasks such as social media content, ads, answering dms, emails, etc.

Weekly moves are the once a week things like studio sessions, blogs, etc.

A power move is the one off thing you’re going to do to boost yourself forward like a big interview, feature, video shoot, big blog site, etc.

Try this for a month & let me know if it helped you like it helps us!

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Angie Strange

Music Business Mentor

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Momentum doesn't just happen it is created & maintained by your team. One of the reasons why many of the teams I've helped organize are successful is because we have weekly team meetings, usually at the beginning of each week that allows us space to reflect, correct, & equip.

Three things happen at these meetings:

1) We discuss the previous weeks "wins". It is crucial to stop & celebrate what we did well! Those celebrations are what keep teams motivated!

2) We discuss issues that arose over the past week & areas we feel we could improve on. This provides us with space to not just point out problems but allows us to figure out how we can better respond to future situations so we can grow from the negative experience.

3) We discuss the goals for the week ahead. It is important to set simple obtainable goals for each role (team member). Even if you are able to do a lot yourself it is crucial to delegate & give each role some ownership. This reiterates that you all are a team, but also keeps them motivated when they know the work they are doing is helping the overall team thrive.

Now a days with apps like Zoom, FaceTime, & Facebook Messenger it is easy to stop to gather with your team weekly, even if just virtually. For those who are reading this who say "I have no team" .... 99% of you actually do. You just don't utilize those around you properly. Some of the most successful labels and artists coming out of this region have teams made up of family & friends. Most on their team are not professional industry players. They are cousins, uncles, parents, & friends of the artist who simply believe in them. Anyone can learn the business, but loyalty isn't something you can hire out. Many times we actually have the team we need we just need to put people in the proper roles and invest in them. That's exactly why I created the Music Business 101 Class, which is a 3 day course to teach teams the business side. Once they are educated on the business side your team will create & maintain momentum.

To reach out about the Music Business 101 Class or our other music administrative services please email & make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this Blog & Search/ Subscribe "Music Business Mentor" on YouTube! @Strangelady1 on IG

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