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Who is Strange?

Angie Strange (aka, "Strangelady") is a strategic music business professional with a mission to educate, empower, and support independent music artists, producers, and industry professionals.  Angie’s goal is to train artists and their teams in music industry business foundations to make the best decisions for their careers and avoid the traps and exploitation that most get caught in.


Hundreds of artists and producers have started this training process through Angie’s Music Business 101 (MB101) class, which is offered on the web virtual course.  Many new and experienced artists and professionals with varied levels of success have benefited from the MB101 class by completely changing business strategy and direction, monetizing popularity, and making a living through the music business.


Through years of experience and hard lessons, Angie learned the value of understanding the business side of music in order to protect music artists and professionals and promote financial success.  Angie’s experience includes management, running her own public relations agency (Tha Memphis Plug), artists and repertoire (A&R) for major producers, education and music business mentoring. 


Click the button to the right to read some of her students testimonials and make sure to follow her on Instagram @Strangelady1(feed below).

"If I hadn’t met Strangelady I would’ve given up a long time ago. I didn’t know where to start or what direction to go in , but she taught me the ends and outs of the music business to be successful and the importance of being INDEPENDENT!"                                                                                                                ~Quicio
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