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Music Business 101 Class (One-on-One)

One Day (One-On-One) Class (2 Sessions)

  • 4 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • Zoom Class

Service Description

Our Music Business 101 Class is the reason most hear about us. Our class is an intensive overview of how the business-side of the Music Industry works for Artists, Producers, Managers, & Labels. It consists of 2 sessions. Each session is 2 hours long & a one-on-one follow up will be scheduled by the student after they complete Music Business 101. During the follow up Angie will register a few songs with you so that students not only know where they need to register, but how to actually work the necessary sites. She will also take some time to talk through your next steps for moving forward in your career. The goal of the Class is to help you organize your career so you can start to proceed forward in a way that makes sense & catches the revenue you are making off of your music.  ​ Session 1: What Are Our Rights & What Do We Need In Writing? ​ -Basic business structures -Conversations we need to have in writing with those we work with -Song Structure & how we decide/negotiate percentages -Spit Sheets -Copyrights ​ Session 2 Part 1: What Am I Owed & How Do I know I am Collecting It? ​ -Royalty system -The Royalties you are making & how to collect -PRO's (Performing Rights Organizations)  -Publishing and your different options -Soundexchange -Distribution -YouTube ​ Session 2 /Part 2: How Do I Prepare My Music For Radio & DJ's?  ​ -How to encode your music -How is my music tracked & traced so my royalties are paid -How do I show up on spin reports  ​ ​ Things You Need:  ​ -Sessions are on Zoom (Video Chat App) (In persons are available if date & location are possible. -You'll need access to decent internet, a computer or smart phone. -You'll need a quite place to login & focus with us  -Classes are one-on-one with Angie Strange -You will receive our curriculum via email but we encourage you to also take your own notes -Classes are Tuesdays through Fridays 10am to 2pm or 4pm to 6pm are suggested times to schedule

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Crosstown Concourse, Concourse Avenue, Memphis, TN, USA

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