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Monthly Mini Workshop Series!

We are excited to kick off a new monthly workshop series starting in May 2022! Many have expressed a desire to go more into depth and continue the discussion on specific topics. Once a month we will be diving into one topic in depth and hands on. The workshops will be called "Music Is A Business" and we will host them in person in Memphis, TN & online monthly. If you're a graduate of our Music Business 101 Class or just interested in the particular subject of the month than this workshop series is for you!

Our first one will be Thursday, May 5th at 4pm in Memphis, TN. We are gathering together to discuss "YouTube" & hands on work on our channels together.

We will be walking through:

- How to professionally set up your channel.

- How to monetize your channel & how we get paid on YouTube.

- How to help your channel grow organically & ways to drive traffic to your channel.

This 1.5 hour "Music Is A Business" workshop is perfect for managers, artists, bloggers, videographers, & anyone who has a channel trying to grow on YouTube. *If you have a laptop we encourage you to bring it. Once you register we will give you location details.

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